Everyone has a bad week occasionally

I know I've only posted a handful of times, but those post have been fairly regular - I try to aim for one a week, as a minimum, at the moment. It's been a little longer than that since my last post, and well... life got in the way. It happens sometimes, to everyone.

I spent the majority of last week in central Queensland, hanging out in the Bowen Basin on a work trip. Home for one day, and I was struck down with a stomach bug that saw me curled up on the couch for the better part of the weekend. So, I have let a lot of things slide in the last week or so.

Not only does life get in the way of blogging, sometimes it gets in the way of my ideals and goals around how I'd like to treat this planet. Obviously, the carbon footprint required to get me to central Queensland is not small - 926kg of CO2 equivalent emissions, according to the calculator on the Qantas website, which I can 'offset' for a measly $8.56. And once there, I stay in a mining camp, with little to no control over the sourcing of the food, the efficiency of the cooling (or heating) systems, or how much waste is created. All things I am usually quite aware of, and in control of, in my daily life.

But sometimes I don't have (or don't want) that control in my daily life either. Minor illnesses tend to revert me to my childhood self, and I crave simple food; Vegemite on white toast, soft boiled eggs, hot chips and lemonade. With the exception of the eggs (local & free range, of course!), and the Vegemite, all are things we don't usually keep on hand in this house. I would usually make my own chips, in the oven, on the occasions we have them, from local potatoes (of course!), but when I'm feeling poorly, only properly deep fried, slightly greasy, hot chips, cooked in oil of questionable origin, and mass produced and marketed lemonade will do.

While I write about locally sourced, ethical food, and minimal impact living, these things are my ideal. When I have the choice, most of the time I will choose whatever best matches my ideals, when someone else is in control, I let it slide a little. There are some things I will never compromise on, but in general, it's about doing the best you can with the information and opportunities available to you at the time. And not beating yourself up over the occasional slip up.