Yoghurt Culture

I bang on a lot about buying Australian made/grown/owned, and preferably in-state made/grown/owned. But what do you do if you can't reconcile your taste preferences with your ethical preferences? Then you have what I call The Yoghurt Dilemma.

I am a massive yoghurt fan. Eaten at least once, sometimes twice a day, I go through a lot of the stuff. Mostly of the plain, unsweetened, low fat variety. But a little full fat and flavoured stuff never goes astray either. However, I am pretty fussy about it, and that's how I ended up with a dilemma.

There is no shortage of WA made yoghurts, in fact there are three separate brands available in most supermarkets, plus a handful of smaller operators at farmers markets and the like. But I just  don't really love any of these options. There's nothing wrong with them, they just don't quite make me want to jump out of bed in the morning excited about my yoghurt brekky!


My favourite, everyday kind of yoghurt is plain Chobani. Made in Victoria, by an American owned company. And I guess I shouldn't be suprised that my favourite 'treat' style yoghurt is Gippsland Dairy, as it's owned by the same company. I have been struggling to reconcile this for a while, but I have recently reached some kind of peace. I've decided that, in general, I am a lot more vigilant about my choices than most, so even if this one's not the best, it'll be ok. And even if it's not the best choice, it's still better than buying the 'best choice' but not eating it because I don't like it and having to throw it out - nothing makes me crankier than throwing out food!

Is there anything you love that you just can't give up, even though it really doesn't 'mesh' with the rest of your choices? I'd love to hear about it, and how you handle it.