Sustainable Trawling

I have been super busy over the last week. I have hardly had dinner at home, and have been subsisting mostly on leftover turkey and cauliflower. So I don't have a recipe post for you this week.

Instead, I'm going to share with you some of the things I have come across while 'trawling the internet' in the last week or so. Things that have made me think, squeal with delight, or, quite concerned about our future.

Ripe Near Me is a website set up to connect foodies with growers. Locally. You just punch in your postcode, and see what local growers have available. Near me I can get chillis, kaffir lime leaves & lettuces for free, and caulis and broccolis for $1 each. Winner!

The Monthly's August Essay: Supermarket Monsters, is a really though provoking and slightly depressing read. How the duopoly have managed to control the Australian grocery market so tightly (and how we have let them), makes me quite sad. So many growers, producers, small manufacturers and neighbourhood supermarkets have been driven out of business by their bullying tactics, and I think it's time the Australian public took a stand. It's a long read, but definitely a worthwhile one.

Which lead me to Who Makes My Wine? A small site that lists the wine brands owned by the Coles and Woolworths conglomerates. Because there's a lot of them, and they're not labelled 'Woolworths Select Shiraz' or 'You'll Love Coles Chardonnay' (direct quote from the site, btw). But the winemakers and growers are still treated as badly as the other private label producers mentioned in The Monthly's article above.

I've also been catching up on my recordings lately, one of which was The Checkout episode from July 3 which looked into Palm Oil. Worth a look if you didn't see it the first time around - The Checkout: The Good Oil

And something fun to end on. I am loving BlackMilk's Princesses and Villains Collection released this week. BlackMilk is an Australian owned company that makes the most amazing leggings (and a few other things...), all sown in Brisbane, so there's no need to worry about sketchy Bangladeshi factories here! I just wish I didn't work in an office so I could wear their awesome leggings everyday!

 Homemade butter. A wonderful accidental discovery.

Homemade butter. A wonderful accidental discovery.

Something else I learnt this week - it's really easy to make your own butter. Just start whipping cream and get totally involved in something else entirely and completely forget about the cream you had in the mixer... At least, that's how I did it! Then follow these instructions - Make Butter by the Pound in a Stand Mixer @ TheKitchn. 

What great stuff have you seen on the interwebs this week?

P.S. I've also added a 'links' page to the header bar, with a few more interesting things...