Bulk Bins, Blueberries & Black Beans

I have long been a fan of whole foods stores, rows upon rows of bins of loose dry goods. Some so unequivocally good for you - oats, quinoa and lentils, I'm looking at you - and others nutritionally a little questionable - honey roasted almonds, chocolate coated apricots and soy crisps, perhaps... That crazy mix of products somehow turns me from a sedate list-following shopper, into a madwoman who must have at least one scoop of everything.

My only problem with whole foods stores in the past (apart from the above mad-shopper tendencies), is that it's often hard to know the country of origin of the produce, and in the case of things like the soy crisps - what the ingredients are.

Some time last year, I stumbled upon the perfect solution to both problems - 2 Brothers Foods. A West Australian based online wholefoods store. Most of the products have the country of origin listed on the product page, and ingredients are listed too, where relevant. Shipping is cheap and fast to Perth Metro, and the same low rate applies to all of WA & SA (rates are higher for east coast deliveries, sorry). And they have the same crazy mix of produce as all the best whole foods stores, Ord River (WA) chickpeas, Australian grown dried fruit, as well as choc coated ginger and sugared almonds. All of the fun stuff!

I've found that since it's online, I am a little more considered about my purchases, and am now much less likely to grab 'just one scoop' of that random chocolate coated thing, and really do only buy what I need. My last order consisted of;

  • Organic cacao nibs
  • Ord River chick peas
  • Dried blueberries
  • Dried cranberries
  • Dried Australian apricots
  • Dried Australian peaches
  • Medjool dates
  • Pitted dried dates
  • Almond meal

No impulse purchases there! Plus, I ordered on Wednesday morning, and it was on my doorstep when I arrived home on Thursday afternoon. Can't get much better than that - I wouldn't have made it to a shop in that time frame anyway!

Are you a whole foods shopper? Do you love those bins of loose goods as much as I do?

(I have no connection to 2 Brothers Foods - I'm just a happy customer!)