Helpful Links

Helpful Sites and Links

Some sites I find useful for information on sustainable food choices;

  • Greenpeace Canned Tuna Guide - A ranking of Australian canned tuna brands in terms of fishing methods and sustainability tuna species.
  • Palm Oil Investigations Product Listing and Facebook page - The Palm Oil Investigations team do a wonderful job researching so many products to create these lists. With an iPhone & Android app in the works. The Facebook page is usually more up to date, but the website makes it a little easier to find things.
  • Sustainable Seafood Guide - A fully searchable list of seafood available in Australia, ranked as 'better', 'think' and 'no', based on fishing and farming practices. Also on an iPhone and Android app, so you can check while you're at the shops!
  • Ethical Clothing Australia - Provides details on brands manufacturing clothes ethically in Australia (Made in Australia does not always equal Made Ethically, unfortunately), and lists brands by category.


Some of my favourite blogs, most of which have a sustainable food focus. If not, they just have a focus on good food!

  • Apples Under My Bed - Heidi is a dietician with a love of food. She shares her love for tahini, proper butter and her Mindful Kitchen journey on her blog. With gorgeous photography to boot!
  • The Mindful Foodie - Lesh writes wholefood recipes, and discusses some of the difficulties you can encounter while trying to eat and live more mindfully. Some real thought provokers.
  • Biorhythm Naturopathy Blog - I met Lidija while travelling through Peru as I was just starting this blog. We hit it off, bonding over quinoa & kiwicha, hiking the Andes, and restorative beers at the end of it all. Lidija's blog has been regular reading ever since.
  • Joy the Baker - I love Joy's approach to food. Sometimes it's all about some crazy decadent cake (anyone who files doughnuts under breakfast recipes & has a whole category for pies gets my vote!), other times she's sharing the most amazing kale salad. It's all about balance!